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I have been having an internal debate with myself for a very long time. Can we wear hats if we’re not a celebrity or not at the beach?

 Hats have been around longer than most other fashion accessories. We’ve used them throughout history to indicate rank, for religious purposes and for protection. The certainly have an interesting history too big to fill this little blog post.

 Hats where highly popular amongst men and women throughout most decades, but we’re now in a day and age where they have very little to no use…

We wear beanies for warmth!

Kate Beckinsale rocking a beanie better than I ever could!

We wear hard hats for protection!

My ‘sexy-as-all-hell’ construction hat! Keeps the noggin safe, doesn’t do much for the mane though!

But can we really wear big floppy hats without celebrity grandeur?

The only Kardashian I can stand, Khloe rocking a hat!

Can we still be etiquette conscious with hats or should we risk the exposure of hat hair?

What I presume I look like after wearing a hat!

Can we got anywhere but the beach with straw upon our noggins?

Bec, Cat & I… Okay… Not really, but I wish it was!

This blogger says; not really… But I also must ask, WHAT DO YOU THINK!?