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Hello Everyone, Caitlyn here 🙂

Today’s post is once again about fashion inspired by a particular movie and it was my turn to decide the theme. I did struggle for a moment to think of a movie which all three of us had seen, then it came to me in an instant.


The ‘Titanic’ is such a classic movie, you cant deny it. Even if you hate it, you have to admit that its grandeur is something to be admired. The thing I loved most about the movie ‘ Titanic’ was the subtle celebration of the female form. Ms Winslet glows in every way throughout this epic piece of art with her healthy, curvaceous figure. It also showed admiration to the gentle work that went into each costume. It truly is a beautiful film.

My favourite moment would have to be when Kate Winslets character Rose first steps of the horse drawn cart, shielded by a gigantic purple hat and looks up, unimpressed, at the ship that was destined to change her life forever.


For this reason, I have put together two sets of ‘boarding costumes’. One inspired by Kate and one inspired by the fantastic Leonardo Dicaprio.

Big hats are out and little hats are in. If you disagree with my previous post, then you should absolutely rock this sweet little number. The cute dress is form fitting and elegant, the tights keep it demure and lady like, the brogues keep it comfortable.

Titanic Rose

This cute number will have you running for ships all over the place. Cool and efficient, comfy and stylish!

Titanic Leo

So, what do you think guys?

Enjoy hump day!



I wasn’t sure about this movie choice to be honest, I’ve seen Titanic but it didn’t really thrill me. Despite my love of both romantic sub plots and Kate Winslet I never really felt the heart of the film. I joked that I would do iceberg inspired clothes and searched for ages to find a look that I liked enough to want to recreate with a modern twist.

In a not so surprise ending I ended up getting so much more  out of it than I thought! I stumbled across some information about the real Molly Brown (as played by Kathy Bates) whose fame was such that she had a whole play devoted to her in 1960 which was also made into a film in 1964 (Molly was played by Debbie Reynolds).

The real life Margaret Brown admitted to wishing for wealth and comfort but marrying for love and she had a dry, biting sense of humour. Margaret was an advocate for women’s rights and worked tirelessly to raise money for victims of the Titanic disaster and also to reward the crew members who performed heroic deeds during the sinking. So I not only found a lady whose clothes I could appreciate but a lady whose character I wish to emulate.

 In her own words:

I decided that I’d be better off with a poor man whom I loved than with a wealthy one whose money had attracted me. So I married Jim Brown.

Molly loved big arse hats and lots of lace, she was said to have been a good example of the nouveaux rich over the top style of the time and you can well believe it looking at these photos.

In order to pay tribute to a wonderful women I have created a number of incredibly decadent looks that feature lace heavily and where every item is about luxury. I don’t think that Molly would have shied away from excess but neither would she have lost her humility and her natural charm.

My favourite quote from Molly is this excerpt of a letter written to her lawyer after her trip on the Titanic:

“Thanks for the kind thoughts. Water was fine and swimming good. Neptune was exceedingly kind to me and I am now high and dry.”

The swimming was good indeed!

Bec xox


I’ve attempted a modern day take on what I think Rose might wear if she were of this era.

Day time work look.

Movie Inspired Fashion - Titanic


The romance of lace and bows, the structured style of the vintage buttoned skirt and the simple gold accents for a classic classiness.

Evening look.

I would imagine Rose to wear something like these dresses.




The deep rich colours embrace that timeless royal feeling, with minimal accessories keeping the focus on the beauty of the dress.

I’m a little distracted today and am having trouble articulating what I’m trying to say. Vogue’s Online Shopping Night is definitely not helping that.

Caitlyn xo