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Good Afternoon!

Now that I’m living back home with my parent’s I asked my Mum if I could do a “What My Mum Wore” post. I was thoroughly overjoyed when she agreed!

In a way I’ve helped my Mum’s style evolve over the years. I remember when we would go out shopping she would immediately gravitate towards what I would call “older” women’s clothing. I got the courage to tell her one day that they weren’t really flattering on her and she needed to dress younger!

I’m now brutally honest with her and I think she loves me for it šŸ˜‰

I wish I had a before photo illustrating the ways she used to dress, but unfortunately I don’t have any.

Here are two photos of something she was wearing the other day.

My Mother will most likely cringe when I mention she is over 50, but I think it’s important to let people know that you don’t need to dress a certain way as soon as you hit “x” years.

Even though my Mum is in her 50s she definitely knows how to rock that little body of hers. Look at those boots! You can definitely still dress confidently with snuggly fitted clothing in your older years and carry it off well.

What do you think?