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Can you look hot at the gym?

Of course you can, especially if you have a personal stylist and have no body fat, but how many of us fit into this category?

My honest reaction is actually who cares it’s the gym, how I look is secondary to being comfortable while I work out but here is the problem. I still want to look as good as possible and it’s hard to do so in workout wear it is often unflattering and sometimes downright ugly.

I started my quest to find clothes that worked for me when I am working out and didn’t break the budget and here are a few things that I came across at Zobha:

Bottoms (I like the looser legged pants as a low impact workout option) –

Tops (Longer and less form fitted tops are great for ladies with curves, the magenta ruched shirt also looks like it would be a great option for curvy ladies):

The the colours available and the colour blocking options mean you can wear whatever works best for your skin tone and be bold in your colour choices without looking like a neon sign.

Dresses and other low impact work out options (these shirts and dresses look great and would be appropriate for a dance class, a brisk walk or a friendly game/ sport):

Zobha don’t provide plus sizes (Boo!) but their clothes look well made and according to a friend who wears their yoga pants to run in they are “worth every cent”.

If you want something that is light weight and comfortable to move in you can go past work out gear, the good news is that you can get good-looking options as well!

Do you have any work out wear tips?

Bec xox