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Happy Monday Fashionistas!

Today I thought I would do a post about things I have learnt about fashion, exercise, beauty and life in general over my short time on this earth. These are all things I wish I knew a LONG time ago rather than only discovering in the past six months!

I do want to apologise in advanced though, there will be awkward self-taken photos of me pulling stupid faces.

–          A good night’s sleep really *is* the best beauty accessory. Which sucks because I am an insomniac… But, got a full 8 hours last night and a I have to say, glowing today!

–          I always make really fashionable outfit choices when I have no clothes to wear because I haven’t done my washing in two weeks. I think I’m forced to really think about what I am doing.

I’m feeling very ‘grunge’ inspired today. Black nails, boots, opaque tights, grey socks, red/black scarf, blazer and funky gold jewellery to match.

–          You DON’T need to spend a fortune to look shit hot. Went out of Saturday evening to my Housemates Birthday Dinner. I always freak out when going out with her because she is a stylist and super stylish. But my cute little $8.00 vinnies dress, $10 coles tights, $20 rubi oversized clutch and $40 target black pumps went down a treat! Win for the thrifty shoppers!

The $8 vinnies dress! Very 1940’s inspired!

–          Thanks to beauty magazines every where my natural hair is known as ‘beachy’ not ‘that biatch needs a brush’. This helps my morning routine greatly. I also receive compliments left, right and centre that my hair is sexy… Which is great because I’m growing my cut out at the moment and I think I look like one of the females in Wallace and Gromit.

–          The right colour lipstick isn’t necessarily the most obvious choice. I wear a purple lipstick (very light) and it looks fabulous. I always thought purple was reserved for Grandmas and Drag Queens. I promise that I am not either.

–          If I get changed into my exercise gear before I leave work I am more inclined to run in the evenings when I get home. If I choose to sleep in exercise gear it has the same effect in the mornings. But that is gross, no matter how cool Kim Kardashian says it is.

–          Blazers are fantastic. I have worn mine with every outfit for the last four days. It was great when I went out for dinner, went out for high tea AND for work. Super versatile and only $60.00.

–          Sleepovers are still super fun.

–          Good friends are extremely important.

–          High tea is a fantastic experience. A few friends and I went to ‘The Loft’ Sunday afternoon. We all got dressed up in tea dresses (and suits), learnt the etiquette and relaxed in the comfy couches. The food was fabulous and light, the view was stunning and the weather was outstanding. Highly recommended.

Our view from ‘The Loft’ – Pretty ships going past all day!


Our tiered platter!

Pinning curls while they are hot ensures a very different look to just letting them fall.

Hot curls pinned. Make up also looks pretty crash hot, even if I do say so myself!


-Warm cider really rocks on a cold day!

– Giving up coffee is impossible and not even worth trying.

– Liquid eyeliner is worth learning how to apply. It makes your eye lashes look thicker and longer eliminating the need for fake eyelashes.

– I’ve grown to love glasses and realise that they are a part of my personality, however I dont appreciate people who try them on and say ‘Whoa, you really are blind’. I dont sit in a paraplegics wheel chair and say ‘Whoa, you really CANT walk’.

– People on the sugar free diet need to stop telling me the sugar content of the things I’m eating. I don’t care, you telling me this information just makes me want to drink ketchup in front of you while yelling ‘Hahaha YOU CANT EAT SUGAR’… This may or may not have happened in the past.

– Scarves can go with any outfit (okay, i’ve known this for a long time, but I feel it needs to be shared).

– A good foundation is EXTREMELY important. Dont buy the cheap crap stuff. Go and get your skin matched by a professional.  I personally love everything and anything clinique. Get to your local NOW! You will *never* look back.

I’m positive there are a million other things I have learned over the past few years but I don’t want to completely bore your socks off. Now its your turn to tell me. What secrets of life have your discovered that ensures happiness? What beauty secrets do you know that changed your life? What FAD diet pisses you off the most?

Happy Monday Lovelies!