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A few weeks ago I wrote a post about some rainy day wear and included some pictures of super cute umbrellas, I mentioned that I bought a bunch of items from the Boston Umbrella Company and I thought I would share my thoughts on them with you.

The ruched scarf in Black doesn’t need much explanation, it was $10 and is really warm despite being very light. I like it a lot much but I don’t think it was worth the $5 postage added to the bill.

This bag in a versatile neutral colour (“Mink”) comes with two options for wearing it, a longer strap to use it as a hand bag and a smaller one to wear it on your wrist. I used it on the weekend as a wristlet and it was great, big enough to put a small purse and my phone in it but not too big or heavy to wear on the wrist. For $15 (including postage) it was a good buy.

I have used this umbrella once and I got a number of admiring looks. It is very sturdy and the colour is great. I like that the handle is also in red. I think it is definitely worth it being priced at $25 (including postage).

I don;t know if I’ll be using this one very often compared to the one above it seems very light and flimsy. It is beautiful though so perhaps I can take it out when there is a little rain but no wind? I love it but I don’t think it was a very practical purchase ($25 including postage).

This lot came in a massive box which was fun to open and ensured everything arrived in perfect condition. The customer service was excellent, if I find anything else I like on the site I would definitely shop with them again.

Bec xox