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I love Quentin Tarantino! Happy to declare it! I think he is a mastermind of great, if not slightly psychopathic, film. He is a genius! My favourite film of ALL time is ‘Inglorious Basterds’. I watched it. I re-watched it. and then I re-watched it again. I may or may not have taken sick days so that I could watch it a few more times. I love it.

Even the promo poster exudes cool!

For those of you who haven’t seen it (but should immediately drop whatever they are doing and go and rent it), it is set in Nazi-occupied France during World War II it follows a plan to assassinate Nazi leaders by a group of Jewish U.S. soldiers and coinciding with a theatre owner’s vengeful plan for the same.

One of my favourite scenes is when Melanie Laurents character Shoshana Dreyfus is being accosted by German Soldier and Hero Fredrick Zoller.She is atop a ladder changing the letters to her theatres title and is wearing wide legged tweed pants. IT IS COOL. It helps that Ms Laurent is absolutely stunning, but that aside, I wanted to re-create the look here for her casual set.

For most of her other scenes she is draped in a fabulous red gown. It is so unbelievably lady like. It shows no leg or breast yet still manages to make my jaw drop to the ground. The simple details such as the subtle peplum on her hips, certainly assure that this number is elegant! Here I have not created a perfect match but rather a way that a woman may emulate such a strong female character in the work place or to a nice dinner.

Melanie Laurent rocking *that* red dress

Au Revoir Shoshana

When not being stunned by Melanie, Diane Krugers character ‘Bridget Von Hammersmark’, a German actress who spies for the British, stuns all. Her costumes where elegant and very mature for they time they where in. Initially we are introduced to her while she is having a casual game of ‘Guess who’ with the German Forces celebrating the birth of a child. She is cool and cas yet somehow still amazingly elegant. Later in the film, she dons an lovely gown that had me WISHING I was a lady who attended fancy dinners and the like. Shoes are extremely relevant for her character, I hope ive done them justice!

Bridget Von Hammersmark

So, did you all enjoy the film? What characters would you take inspiration from?


A film we agree on Amy, c’est magnifique! I love just about everything in the film as far as costumes go but this one particular look just made my jaw drop:

That is Julia Dreyfus and yes she has a leopard face on her head. She has a small role in the film playing the interpreter Francesca Mondino.

This is what I put together, it may be a bit over the top but frankly so is the movie. I say embrace it and let your inner animal out, especially if it ends up looking this damn fine.

I tried to echo that amazing collar with a lot of structure on the LBD I picked to be the cornerstone of my outfit. Then I added lots of textures and mixed a bunch of statement jewellery pieces to create something a little bit whimsical. The head piece was admittedly difficult to out do so instead I played it down a little bit in the hope of creating something that might actually be wearable.

Bec xox