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Im a list person. I love lists. My Mum and I make lists about everything. Our most popular (as voted by US!) is the smell nice list, but that is too long and complex to go into today. I want to share with you my ‘Men Who Can Wear Beige Pants List’ because at this stage, it contains only 3 names and I want to see if you fashionable friends of mine can add to it! (pictures are awesome!)

Lawrence Fox: Who can resist a tall, strong jawed British boy? For nerdlings out there, he is married to the stunning Billie Piper and BOY CAN THE MAN WEAR BEIGE PANTS! I havent got an actual photo of him wearing them, but here he is in a pale suit looking gorgeous!

Lawrence Fox

Michael Fassbender: Look. Im going to be honest, I think Michael Fassbender could wear crocs and I would still be exceptionally attracted to him but he does look extra fab in a pair of beige pants!

Michael Fassbender in Xmen Firstclass

Rob Lowe: The most recent addition to my list came when I was watching my new absolute favourite show ‘Parks and Recreation’. I couldnt stop thinking about how damn fine Mr Lowe looked wearing beige pants. The below picture was paused so many times I wont be surprised if my Parks and Rec disc contained scratches!

Rob Low – causing scratches on discs everywhere – Parks and Recreation

So what do you think ladies (and gentlemen)? Are beige pants a yes or a big no? What men can and what men cant?

Amy xo