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My move to NSW is coming up quickly, it is less than a month until I finish work. Apart from the things I am obviously looking forward too like being closer to Amy, Caity (“Working” brunches FTW) and my family the other thing I can’t wait to be near is my favourite winery.

I come from the Hunter Valley so I’ve lived most of my life about half an hour from Petersons Wines and I can’t wait until it is a mere 30 minute drive away again. Their Champagne breakfast is to die for and I can’t live without their sparkling reds and whites.

I tend to buy people bottles of the rarer vintages as gifts and I always have a couple of bottles around my place should unexpected friends pop by or if I need something to drink while mining like a crazed Dwarf (in Minecraft) on the weekend.

In other words Petersons is an integral part of my life, I have been in a longer, committed relationship with their Cuvee than I have with any man in my life (though not for want of trying of course).

So here is a set inspired by my favourite white (Sparkling Cuvee):

Light and airy with floral undertones this outfit is pleasing to the palette and perfect Spring/Summer picnic or brunch attire.

One for my favourite red (2006 Shiraz Viognier):

An outift for a night out on the town for a sophisticated palette, a warm red that completes any meal.

Finally a dessert wine (2011 Sparkling Botrytis Semillon):

Sweet and incredibly fruity, it sparkles and shines, a perfect accompaniment for a sunday afternoon.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Bec xox