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Morning All!

For today’s Fashion Inspired by the Movies I’ve decided on the Toy Story Series. I recently watched Toy Story 3 and fell in love all over again.

I adore family movies and Pixar has never let me down. So have a brilliant day and enjoy reminiscing the joys of your childhood or even adulthood 😉

Caitlyn xox


I am so happy Cat chose ‘Toy Story’ today. It is such a vibrant and happy story that I adored as a child (who didn’t?). I don’t think i’ve cried so much in a movie when I saw the third and final instalment. Amazing. Anyway, I chose to re-create Woodys fun yet practical look for today. I used the main colours he wears (brown, yellow, red) and made sure I used plenty to get that ‘Wait, dont I know her from somewhere’. I highly recommend, for a fun affect, writing ‘ANDY’ on the bottom of your cowboy boots. People will get a smile!!! 😀


What kids movie makes you smile so much your cheeks hurt, even as an adult? Any cartoon characters inspire your look?



I picked Buzz Lightyear to focus on today because I am inspired by space every day but mostly because I think green and purple are a colour combo I would love to be more confident with so it was a challenge for me as well.

Here is a Buzz look for when you are hanging out with your toy box pals on the weekend:

Buzz Lightyear


Buzz with a kind of punk edge because I think deep down Buzz has a dark side….

Space Age Girlfriend


I love these galaxy print tights!

xoxo Bec


I absolutely couldn’t help myself and have done three looks. I’ll keep the words to a minimum here to keep today’s post as short as possible.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking 🙂

 Rawr by icebubbletea featuring a satchel bag


Butter Cup!



Trixie is definitely my favourite, I adore blue oh so much.

Do you have a favourite from today’s post? Do you love Pixar movies as much as I do?