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Okay, just a quick post today asking *you* more questions than answering them! Im frantically shopping around for all the supplies I need before Uni starts late august (including a new laptop which is expensive and limits my shoe budget, boo hiss) but before I do that I want to make sure that I have a laptop bag that is suitable while still being sleek, elegant and cool. It has to be able to hold laptops and look good with work gear as well as weekend gear. I was thinking a sleek black leather but it turns out that theyare stupidly expensive and as a, now, poor uni student, I cant afford that! Here are few I have found that I dont mind, but if you can suggest some cool bags from some cool places i’d more than love to hear about them!

$67.49 – Strandbags

Bagworld.com.au – $71.40

Bagworld.com.au – $68.00

Lonsdale – $99.95

So – for me – these are all lacking something. I cant tell you what, they just are! What do you think? Where do you think I should be looking? Would love some advice fashionistas!