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Hey All!

We’re slowly incorporating fun and different things to the blog and this week we are introducing ‘1 Item – 3 Ways’. This is to show you all a few things!

One: That a particular item isnt reserved for someone with one style.

Two: To show you how different (and sometimes how similar) Bec, Cait and Myself are.

Three: its fun to mix and match different styles.

This week we have gone for the ‘Pixie Collar’, a delicate collar that can be included on a shirt, bought separately and added to items or even come in the form of jewellery.


Personally, I wasn’t a fan of the ‘pixie collar’. I put it in the ‘way too girly’ pile but then I thought about it and had a bit of a play on Polyvore and came up with a look that I deemed cool enough for someone like myself, not in any way super girly, to wear.

I’ve added some ‘harsh’ contrasts with studs and leather and while they make this out fit very ‘rock star’ the collar ensures that it is still a feminine look for a young woman to wear!

Pixie Collar

So, what do you think? Is the pixie collar something you would consider adding to your wardrobe or will you leave this one?




Pixie Collars are not something that I would personally choose to wear because I look a lot better in an open round collar or V neck so this was very challenging for me.

So I have tried to find looks that I like rather than looks that I would wear and here are three looks that I think would be a lot of fun.

I like the idea of using colour contrast to make more of an impact with the collar feature.

Bec xox


Good Afternoon!

I adore Pixie Collars, also known as Peter Pan Collars, I even did a previous post on them which you can see here!

Peter Pan Collars


I love these types of collars on dress in particular, so here are three different looks which incorporate the Peter Pan Collars on dress.

We have a more dressy look, semi-casual and a casual look.

Peter Pan Collars


I’m loving the casual daytime look! Definitely my favourite.