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Ive hit a massive lull when it comes to fashion. Normally I would consider myself a stylish person but of late I always feel chunky and weird. I blame winter, mostly. It used to be my favourite season but I think that was because it meant we didn’t have to go outside and play sport at high-school (hello bookworm!). Now I crave the warm sun and nothing but!

The worst part about winter is the fact that EVERY YEAR  I gain about 10kgs – and all the healthy eating in the world cant shift it. I’m normally a runner but in winter I take a break, which is lame, I should still be hitting the footpath whenever an opportunity is awarded to me.

I also have a haircut that looked great the second it was cut but the minute it started to grow it made me look like an extra in Wallace and Gromit – and my hair grows at the speed of light. I’m also a brunette (or a ‘Bloodnut’ – whatever) which I LOATHE but I dont have the mula to get my natural colour back. Short of ALWAYS wearing a ‘messy bun’ on the top of my noggin, I can do nothing right.

My skin seems to have just hit puberty again. I have breakouts that make those proactive ads look weak.

Basically i’m a bit down and need a bit of a vent, but, at ABCs of Style we’re women of action – not ‘lets sit around, drink vodka and feel sorry for ourselves’…. Okay… I lied. We are a little bit of that…. BUT for the most part we are women of action and today I wanted to show you my ‘Inspiration’ outfit. Basically, its an outfit I want to look good enough to get into when summer rolls around!

Inspiration Outfit

I love shorts but never wear them because of low confidence with my legs, but this summer is going to change all that! I want to wear shorts and I bloody well will. Ive kept the look relaxed and casual, just how I want summer to be! *dreams*

So girls and guys, what tips do you have for reaching your goals? Do you have an inspiration outfit?