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This week Amy has set us the challenge of putting outfit together inspired by Marie Antoinette (1996).


Marie Antoinette is not usually a sympathetic character from history and to be honest the “Let them eat cake” line used to be something I raged against because I am, and always have been left leaning politically. Plus I was at uni and stuff matters a lot more when you have to wake up every day by 1pm to go to classes, the beer is cheap and the books are free.

I loved this movie though, from the overly styled apparel that made the fashion world talk to the window into society directorial style of Sofia Coppola it was a delight to the senses. I empathized with Marie the teenager thrown into a situation beyond her scope to understand or to deal with effectively and genuinely felt for her, realising that no one has the perfect life even if they get to wear pretty dresses all day long.

So here is my take on fashion from a film that rather cleverly captivates and challenges us to think of history in a new way:



Now personally I’ve not seen Marie Antoinette but from my research I can tell you it’s a whole lot of lace, florals, pastels, volume, embellishments and gorgeous detail.

Here are two looks I’ve created which has been inspired by what I know.

This first set is definitely an evening creation with gorgeous floral dress, featuring a sweetheart neckline and a full skirt. A simple black heel, lace cuff and gold short chained necklace.

Marie Antoinette Inspired


My second set is far more casual, perfect for a cool spring day 🙂



I hope you have enjoy our fashion inspired by the movies post today.

Happy hump day!

Caitlyn xox