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My friend Lee spoke to me about a problem recently:

I am a little on the short side and I happen to have a very short torso as well. My problem is that I can never find tights/ stockings to fit, they either end up pulled up to under my boobs (not sexy) or bunched up around my waist (also not sexy). I am looking for cropped tights or something a little more suited to my body. Can you help me at all?

Well Lee after hours of searching I found very few options so I now completely understand your frustration while looking for them, you poor thing! 😦

This is what I came up with:

Stocking HQ

I was blown away by the variety available here and according to a number of reviews their products are perfect for people who are petite like you. The only down side I could see is that they are not cheap. The quality seems to be right up there and the after sales service is impeccable according to all of the blogs I found reviewing them. My suggestion would be to get in touch with them via customer chat, explain your dilemma, see what they would recommend you buy and hopefully you’ll have a lot of success. If when you get them home they don’t fit or make you feel comfortable simply return them, Stockings HQ accept returns under any normal circumstances. The other thing about the site is how reasonable the postage and handling for international clients seems to be. I think I might get some for me!

Hope this helps.

Bec xox


Hiya Lee,

I feel I am going to be the worst possible person to help you in your situation as I have a bit of the opposite problem. The only stockings I like buying are the ones stocked of Coles shelves (they are the only ones that fit perfectly to my long torso and huge arse!) – My absolute best suggestion to you would be proper garter suspended stockings (that may not be what they are called… I’m a bit bloody useless)

Above all else I think that these stockings are super sexy. You should be able to buy them from most lingerie stores.

Sorry I wasnt more help!




Hi Lee,

You can definitely find variety of petite leggings and stockings online. Here are a few websites which might help!


If you’re looking for petite tights, you’ll find a small selection right here on our petite tights page. If you’re looking for a wider variety, brands such as Jonathan Aston, Pretty Polly, Henry Holland, Red or Dead and Aristoc sizes start from 4’11”. If you’re unsure about sizes, visit our size guide section of the website where you’ll find a list of our brands and their size guide.

Creating the illusion of longer legs is simple with a pair of Jonathan Aston’s striking Vertical Stripes Tights £12.49. Using alternating vertical sheer and opaque leg lengthening stripes you’ll have pins to rival a supermodel’s before you know it!


Are you Petite like Sarah Jessica Parker? If so, this fabulous range of Small Tights & Legwear has everything from patterned to plain tights that are pretty perfect for the Petite. Slip on sheers this season for the latest legwear loved by celebrities and designers. Or pop on some patterned tights for the next big legwear look.

ASOS (FREE Shipping .. YEAH!)

ASOS seem to have a few petite leggings. The inner leg measurement is about 5cm shorter then the standard leggings available.

I hope some of these stores have what you need.

Goodluck on your search!

Caitlyn xo