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Yay! I love this part. It’s Wednesday’s Movie Inspired Look post!

Today I’ve chosen Snow White and I’m talking the Disney one here, not the remakes of it.


Sadly our lovely Amy has been rather ill the last few days and won’t be joining us today, hope you get better soon Amy!

I’ve gone with the less known outfit for Snow White.

Snow White Inspired

She is already rocking that Peter Pan Collar so I wouldn’t change that at all and to me the colours have a vintage feel. So I’ve added in the Mary Jane shoes :D!


With all the remakes of Snow White out at the moment we are in danger of being overwhelmed with images of how this princess should look like, in my mind the Disney original is by far the most iconic and will remain so, the look is completely unique amongst the Disney princesses. For my set instead of trying to recreate an outfit for a princess I tried to imagine who the real Snow White is and put something together that represents those qualities for me.

Snow White is:

  • Feminine
  • A Nature/ Animal Lover
  • A girl who likes people in all shapes and sizes
  • Not afraid of hard work
  • A team worker (lol maybe I have been writing too many cover letters)
  • A survivor

I wanted my outfit to show her softer side and to represent the little bit of whimsy that her character contains. She needed a look that echoed the classic colours and the colour blocking of her original gown without going too far.

This is what I came up with:

Snow White

It’s perhaps not so much a gritty reboot as a modern re-imagining…. either way it has nothing to do with that chick from Twilight.

Bec xox