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I’m really quite enjoying doing these posts, it really makes you think about your wardrobe and how you can carry one piece from look to look.

I know there are a lot of people out there who are completely over the whole mullet skirts and dresses, you know the whole business in the front party in the back but I wanted to show what can be achieved but changing accessories and other items to change the feel of the outfit completely.

1 Skirt 2 Ways

Here I have created a nighttime look and a daytime look. As you can see by simply changing a a few pieces, well it’s nearly the whole outfit but I’m trying to demonstrate you can certainly use one item of clothing in different circumstances.

Makeup can also set the tone of your outfit, it’s always good to think about the complete look. Don’t just stop at what you are wearing on the lower parts of your body.

I think the best choices for these two outfits would be a gorgeous smokey eye for the evening look, very cliche I know, but it’s a safe and classic choice.

For the more casual daytime look I would personally have the makeup far more neutral and keep it fresh.

So I’m hoping I’ve given someone out there some what of an idea on how they can change it up a bit and work with what they already have.

Caity xo

I have an odd fascination for the high low look, I don’t have anything in my wardrobe that fits the classic definition but I do love asymmetry in general.

I like the idea of an unconventional pairing and mixing things up with texture and bursts of floral:

What do you think?

Bec xox