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Apologies for no posted yesterday, not sure where our Amy is. I believe she has been sick and having a busy time at work, she will be back soon enough! šŸ™‚

Bec is in the middle of moving and rearranging her life, so I’m not expecting her to do much on the blog this week. šŸ˜€

Looking through my emails a couple of weeks ago I notice an email from Etsy about Geeky finds.

Perfect idea for this next post, not just Etsy but other sources too! Geekness is amazing and I’m excited to share with you a bunch of geeky finds.

Piranha Plant Earrings – Inspired by Mario Brothers. $23.40

I love these little earrings. Just so damn cute.

Floppy Disk Geek Earrings in Purple – $8.50

Star Wars Jedi Rebell Alliance Earrings – $22.00

Triforce of Zelda – Polished Stainless Steel – $36.00

Boba Fett Fitted Tank Top – $19.99

Doctor Who Inspired Bracelet – Don’t Blink – $12.50

Geometric Bow Tie Necklace – $28.00

Batgirl Nail Art – $6.99

DNA Earrings – $29.99

Circuit Board Swimsuit – $90.00

Tetris Swimsuit – $90.00

Nyan Cat Earrings – $12.00

WAH Nail Wraps POW! – Ā£7.00

Star Trek Original Series T-Shirt Dress – $39.99

Domo-kun Nom Nom Nom Cupcakes Babydoll – $19.99

8-bit Heart Earrings – $12.00

Robot Love Field Bag – $28.00

Well I think that is enough awesome finds for one night. It’s 3:10am! I should get to bed

See anything you like?

Caitlyn xo