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I am a huge Pretty Woman fan, something about a girl from the wrong side of the tracks who goes to the big city, becomes a prostitute and marries well really resonated with me as a young woman (haha) and it sticks with me today.

I adored the romantic sub plot as much as the next girl but my favourite part of the film is the shopping, I especially love that part where she teaches some evil witches that you can never tell a book by its cover or a credit card limit by its carrier.

I like the over the top-ness of the dressing up scene, the excess depicted is a true sign of the times (90’s) and even though the looks seem quite dated now the aspirational aspect of fashion is as topical as ever.

So lets grab our brick sized car phones and cruise the boulevard for a few amazing looks…

Opera Options


Amazing red dresses never go out of style, this look is timeless.

Polo, anyone?


A new take on an amazing polo outfit, lets hope this trip ends in fewer propositions and punches.

Ask me who I still wish I was sometimes and the answer is Cinde-fucking-rella.

What is your favourite Pretty Woman outfit or moment?