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Some days are bright and airy and nothing goes wrong, the world is on your side and you are sure that you’ve got everything under control. The clothes you wear on this day probably reflect your mood they are light and punchy, bright and just a little more carefree.

Then you have days when nothing goes to plan, when you snap at the people you love. When you don’t see the outcome you wanted or worked for or you end up in bed nursing a broken heart / hurt feelings. Those days are the ones where what you wear has the most to do. Sure you could lounge in your jim jams until three or your could put on something fabulous and head on out, daring the world to take you on again…..

Reds and oranges make me smile when everything else seems to be in shades of blue:


Do you have an item of clothing that helps you deal with a shitty day?


Bec xox