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I recently helped my grandmother pick an outfit for my cousins’ wedding. We had an amazing day but it reminded me that the following “shopping lessons” need to be be repeated often so as not to be forgotten:

Shop often! – this is fun and it doesn’t have to be costly, window shopping is free but it keeps you abreast of what is out in the stores, what colours and styles are filling the racks and it allows you to keep an eye on the sales. Especially the ones that are not advertised and are aimed at moving the last few pieces in a line in store. My grandmother got three amazing pieces from BIB and ts 14+ in Myer last weekend for less than the original price of one of them because we managed to find a 60% off marked prices sale and a few great items in her size.

Try everything on – never forget that what looks amazing on the hanger may look like a sack on you and vice versa. Also make sure that if you plan on wearing a new top, for example, with a particular pair of pants or skirt that you are wearing them in the changing room, especially if they are a colour other than black. If you are stuck find a similar piece to the item you plan on wearing with your new top/ bottom in store to use as a substitute, try on your new clothes then hand it back when you are done.

Take a friend – a good shopping buddy makes a huge difference, they can help you carry your bags, offer a second opinion and get you different sizes in a large store (smaller stores often have staff who will offer to do this for you). They are also a lot of fun to talk to on the way and over coffee or lunch when you’re done.

Say no – any item you buy has to be worth it, if it makes you feel a bit frumpy or uncomfortable in the store no amount of wishing is going to shrink your butt/ tummy when you go to wear it next. So say yes to accepting who you are and a huge  no to anything that doesn’t fit because it is either too large or too small when you at the store. Trust me it will help you avoid a closet full of clothes you can’t wear, negative self talk and a whole bunch of financially based heart ache.

Stay focused – sometimes I shop for fun and on those occasions I can afford to get whatever is in my size, that I like the look of and is a price I’m comfortable paying. However special event outfit shopping is a horse of a different colour. For this type of shopping make sure that you arm yourself with great underwear (to be honest and you know what I’m about to say, good underwear is a must every damn day) and the shoes you plan on wearing with it if at all possible, even the handbag if it’s not too much hassle. Finally, don’t get sidetracked, especially by the 50% off sale on cotton tops just around the corner, at least until after you’ve got what you need for your special event. Make a list or print off a picture of the type of the things you are looking for and if in doubt chat to the sales assistant, they are interested in making a sale sure but good sales assistants will help you find something amazing and will make sure you come back to their store again and again.

Here are a few formal looks I’ve put together using the colour yellow/ mustard as my inspiration:

Red and Gold
Brown and Gold
Blue and Gold

As a PS The mustard inspiration originally came from this amazing dress available from Queenspark (stockist of clothing sizes 6 to 20) it caught my eye while out shopping this weekend.

What are some of your shopping rules? Share them below.

xox Bec

As a PPS I have a new job so I am looking forward to being able to post regularly again! yay 🙂