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A quick post for today to celebrate The Avengers coming out on DVD.

Here is a outfit inspired by Black Widow (This is her chillin’/ spyin’ on the weekend look):

Basic Black

And one for Pepper Potts who aside from having a cool name, is totally gorgeous, does an awesome job at work and has an incredible boyfriend, Ms Potts you could probably do with a movie of your own.

Add some Pepper

Ahhh! Time to stop thinking about muscles and get back to work!

xox Bec

Hi Everyone,

I know we have done The Avengers previous (See here & here!) but honestly this movie absolutely flipping rocks. I sat down with my parents last Friday and watched Captain American to play catch up on the story and then on Saturday night we watched The Avengers!

Last time I created a look based on The Black Widow, so here is my choice for today’s post!


Loki Inspired Set

Absolutely awesome. I love Loki in the movie and even more so after seeing the Gag Reel!

*Sigh* Adore Loki…Enjoy your day!