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Early this morning the light from the rising sun streamed into my room and awoke me around 8am.

Mum and I decided to head “down town” to do a spot of shopping. We live in a small populated valley in South Australia and have to travel a good 30mins to have access to any sort of large shopping centre.

We wandered off this morning around 10am and weren’t really on the hunt for anything too specific, we were mainly looking for an iPod Shuffle for my little cousin’s birthday.

Walking into Myer and were instantly drawn to a clearance section! Everything on the racks were reduced by a further 50%, which was pretty damn awesome because many of the items were already reduced by that much.

Unfortunately nothing for sale in plus sizes were found for me but my Mum managed to grab these two cute tops for a bargain price!

This top by Stella was $25. It was originally $70, reduced to $50 and with an additional 50% off. Definitely a cute work one for her.

The second top by Urbane is a bit more casual and a steal at $15, down from $39.95.

My only purchase for the day was this skirt from the Avella range in Big W for $25.

Now I’m being really super brave here and posting a picture of it on me. (My hair is getting super long!) πŸ˜€

I’m wearing an Avella black singlet & the new skirt with a 2 year old lace detailed shoulder cardigan from Moda Target.

So yes I’m a big girl, this is a size 22 skirt with a reasonable amount of stretch to the waist band. I think I was drawn to the colours more than anything, unfortunately a lot of plus size maxi skirts are hideous and have really ‘old’ looking patterns.

I think this one is quite lovely and it’s rather bright, sadly not seen in the full length picture. I have terrible light in my room, but you can really see it in the previous picture :)!

Oh, while in Big W I noticed that Emerson have an accessories range located in the cosmetics section. They have quite a cute range, rather similar to those found in stores like Colette, Lovisa and Diva. (click pictures for larger versions)

So that was pretty much our day. A couple of bargains, a new skirt for me and some quality time with Mum!

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend!