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I bought these dotting tools over four months ago from THIS Ebay store. They cost me under $2 from China, you get what you see. They came in a small padded bag and took a few weeks to arrive, I wasn’t in a rush to receive them so the postage time didn’t bother me.

If you need them sooner then a couple of weeks you can of course buy them from Australian Ebay stores but they will cost you a about $8 or you can always use things like toothpicks or bobby pins to do the designs.

I’ve never been good at doing anything more then just basic nail painting but in recent times I’ve been experimenting a bit more and this is what I came up with yesterday!

Excuse my short nails and inflamed looking skin. I’ve been a life time nail biter and am just finally growing them back.

The solid colour is one of my newer nail polishes I bought from Ebay. I just managed to catch them in the last minute of the auction and snatched them up for $5.50 and $6 postage!

Quite please, but unfortunately the sender just had them in a padded bag and they got rough handle by Australia Post. I open up the parcel to find shards of glass everywhere and a big chunk off the bottom of 301. It won’t stand up now of course so it’s a little hard to work with.

The only other tiny annoyance is the style of the lid on these L’Oreal nail polishes. Perhaps I’m just used to China Glaze and OPI style lids?!

Quite a while ago I came across a tip about doing your nail art on a plastic sandwich bag, so I decided to try it out and do some basic flowers, hearts and dots to get used to using the dotting tools.

While doing the designs I found it was easier to see what I was doing by keeping them over the white strip, I suppose you could also put a piece of paper inside the plastic bag! hmm I wonder if you could print something on paper and use it as a guide. Now that’s another thing I’ll have to try. 😀

I left them to dry for a few hours and then peeled them off to apply them to my nail. I didn’t need to use anything to stick them to my nail, they just stuck on perfectly and I used a top coat to seal it.

I found that it was a bit of a task to peel them off the sandwich bag and they were rather delicate. Quite a number of them broke while I was peeling them off but I found the thicker ones were stronger and less likely to break. So I would advise to do extras in case of breakage.

I would definitely do this again. Both hands looked great and far more uniform then if I were to free hand the design on to my nail.

This I class as a success!

Have you ever tried using a sandwich bag to do your nail art? How did it go?