Who am I? I am a 21 year old former Radelaidian who moved to the big smoke for the child within. I find beauty in the mundane and mundane in the beautiful. I still get chills hailing a cab, paying bills and making a meat and three veg dinner because it’s all ‘grown up stuff’. I have an obsessive need to collect magazines and accessories because they are ‘cheap thrills’. I prefer winter over summer, concrete over grass, pollution over clean air and gin over water.

I would describe my personal style as…Affordable. While I love having nice pieces in my wardrobe, I tend to only buy them once or twice a year (they last a bloody life time. I have a Stella McCartney top that has been used more times than a rag in a sweatshop). I love flowing items that highlight my best features (breast and shoulders) but hide my less than attractive features. I love jeans and dresses but I’m not a fan of skirts (I feel like, with my body shape, I end up looking like a school teacher…). I adore wedges (even if Victoria Beckham says they look like the ‘mafia got to you’) and I’m ALWAYS drenched in accessories and/or scarves. My secret to ‘always looking good’ was passed down from my Mum, who says ‘If your hair looks sexy, people tend to allow the rest to blend in,’… Bless that woman, she was bloody right!

Style Icon/s – A style icon, to me, is someone who you can emulate within you own style. Whether this is by wearing something they would wear or admiring them for understanding their body or truly grasping what they want from fashion rather than being a strict fashion follower.

I adore following celebrities more casual styles. I *love* Hilary Duff (hello, can anyone say ‘child of the 90’s)! She has the perfect casual technique. She always looks flawlessly comfortable while still appearing ‘stylish’. I think that Lauren Conrad, Nicole Richie and Jessica Alba also have this method down pat.

When we are talking about dressing up I think that you can always tell the people who know their bodies over people who don’t. I love Sophie Vegara, that woman KNOWS how to rock a frock designed for HER body.

I also just want to say that I love people who wear what they TRULY want rather than catering to Hollywood. Michelle Williams is a perfect example of this. She always looks comfortable but not stereotypical of someone in her career path. Cudos to her!

Items I can’t live without – Scarves- So many uses, so little time to tell you all of them! I like them for a few reasons; they make it look like you have put a lot of effort into an out-fit when you don’t necessarily have too, they cover up or distract from ‘lumpy’ bits (from extra chins to a too big lunch) and they are practical. LOVE them!

-Bangles/Bracelets- I love girls who jingle but also because bracelets/bangles help elongate and slim down arms!

-Long Pendent Necklaces- I have a short neck and pendant necklaces help make my neck look long and sexy as well as drawing attention to one of my best features (hello girls!!!)

-Mascara- I have blonde lashes and I’m pale, when I don’t wear mascara people keep asking me about my funeral plan… Awkward.

-Moisturiser… I know it isn’t technically a ‘fashion’ item but I think that having nice skin is the best accessory of all.

Favourite places to shop – When I am shopping for more expensive items I love places like: Stella McCartney, Veronika Maine, Gorman, Charlie Brown, Morrisey and (although I haven’t ever purchased anything there) Alex Perry!

When I am shopping on a budget: Target & Kmart, Cotton On, Forever New, Portmans, Dotti, Myer (sales, of course), The Quick Brown Fox, Just Jeans, Jeans West, Sussan (Seriously, their T-shirts are AMAZING), Peter Alexander (girl cant go past a good pair of Jim Jams) etc etc. Vinnies is also great for a bargain…

Online: I’m not too much of on online shopper because I like to try things on but I find that ASOS and Modcloth are great for perving on fashion ideas.

Fashion do’s – Know your body! It’s the best fashion advice I can give. I learnt a lot about my body because my Mum encouraged it but sometimes it is refreshing to stand in front of a long mirror in your birthday suit and TRULY understand what shape you are, what bits you love and what bits you don’t. You have to do this at LEAST once a year, let’s face it, our bodies change more often than we would like to admit.

The only other thing I can advise is to splurge on ‘classic’ items like a Little Black Dress, Jeans a good jacket and a nice crisp white shirt!

Fashion don’ts – Crocs…

And wearing clothes that are a size to small… Cut the f*cking tag out if you don’t like the number but PLEASE save our eyes from seeing you wearing a size that is too small…

But mostly Crocs…

Street Cred – From the ripe old age of two my Mum let me pick out my own clothes and even as a two year old I knew that a superman cape and a tutu would clash… That’s 19 years experience dressing myself and kindly advising others about what they should and shouldn’t wear…

1 thought on “Amy”

  1. TRACEY BELL said:

    Well done girlfriend. You have such an amazing and convincing way with words. Love it. Keep it up and good to see you’re not wasting your spare time 🙂 Love you to bits oh and…… by the way……… I agree about the size too small thing but does that go for two sizes too big as well ?

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