Who am I? I’m a 25 year old girl trying to make her way through life in one of Australia’s biggest cities, Sydney! After living here for nearly 7 years I’m just coming to realise I have many, many more things to discover in this bustling and frightful place. Having truly wonderful friends to walk beside me during my journeys makes life that much sweeter.

I would describe my personal style as… New and feminine, which has only really come about in the last few years. Growing up I was definitely the tomboy of all my friends, the one who wouldn’t dare be caught skirt or dress. It was all cut off jeans, t-shirts and baggy male clothes from JayJays. Very much the shameful days of my fashion career.

In my world today I’m an extreme lover of dresses, skirts, florals, headbands and ballet flats. I like to be dress appropriately and taking in to consideration my size, yes ladies and gents I’m a plus sized girl as quite evident from my photo, it can be hard to find nice clothes for the bigger ladies.

Adele at the Grammy Awards 2012

Style Icon/s – There are so many designers I absolutely adore and can spend hours drooling over such beautiful pieces, but unfortunately being plus sized I definitely have a rather set range of shops I can buy my clothes from.

Adele, my one true love. She is such a beautiful lady and she sung her way into my heart. She always looks classy on the Red Carpet and is definitely a wonderful site. 

I also adore Taylor Swift’s style which can range from extremely smoking hot while staying beautifully classy, to absolutely frickin’ adoreable on her more casual days.

Items I can’t live without
 – Unlike our lovely Amy who can rock a pair of killer heels effortlessly, I just can’t do it! I’m definitely a flats kind of girl who has a pair of heels hiding in her closet for when I’m feeling adventurous.

I’m also a cardigan kind of girl. I like being able to throw a cardigan over pretty much everything I wear!

Favourite places to shop – No brainer! ASOS Curve is my love. I was afraid for a long time of buying online but the plus size thread over on Vogue Forums convinced me to be daring and order. I’m never once been disappointed by any purchase from ASOS. I would go as far as saying the have one of the best ranges of plus sized clothing around which fits within my budget.

Target plus size section occasionally have a few nice dresses or cardigans I snatch up quickly but sadly I find a lot of their clothes to be rather shapeless and unappealing.  They just feel dull and have little spark to them.

City Chic and Dream Diva also have some lovely pieces but I’m left many times picking my jaw up off the floor after having seen their prices. Most of the time I simply can’t justify spending that amount of money on clothes.

Fashion do’s – Be aware of your shape and buy clothes suited to you. For many years I went around wearing baggy clothes in a ridiculous attempt to hide my body. I found out many years later that it is definitely not flattering and absolutely not doing you any favours.

Fashion don’ts – Should we all just refer to The People of Walmart website? Ergh! There are just so many don’ts in this world that are broken every day, but hey one person’s dont is another person’s do.. errm right?

Know the line people!

– I know it’s been done to death and it’s an irk for many people but tights/stockings are not pants. Occasionally some gorgeous women who aren’t of this planet can pull it off, others are classy enough to hide their derriere appropriately but I have seen far too many jiggly bottoms which is not nice on the eyes!

–  Don’t EVER look to Nicki Minaj for any fashion advice or inspiration. I will hunt you down and force you to listen to her horrid music. :p

Street Cred – Barbies and dress ups count right?

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  1. Wise advice….and I LOVE Adele…..

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