Style evolution is a significant part of life. It shows us where we have been and where we want to go. It explains our moods, our opinions and our inner self. It is the true essence of whoever you are.  I could look back on the millions of photos my Mum has taken over time and I could tell you what mood I was in on that day purely based on what I was wearing. It evokes memories of times (and sometimes bad)gone past and that is why I love it.

I have *always* been someone who is style conscious. When I was a toddler, according to my mother, I would simply refuse to wear clothes that didn’t match. This included shoes and a little handbag on one occasion. In the 90’s I was dressing like a little 20 year old. It was a true representation of how quickly I grew up and how responsible I was from a very young age. While other kids, tweens and teenagers where wearing tshirts and jeans I was busy searching the racks for pencil skirts and blouses. I was, for a lot of my life, ultra girly (not in an ‘I always wear pink kind of way’ though)….

This was my favourite dress when I was little. It made me feel so mature and grown up. I always dressed this way so that adults would take me seriously, which is all I wanted from the world.

 In 2009 I moved out of home and paying bills suddenly became so much more important than what I wore so I pretty much just hung out in the same clothes from when I was a teenager, which was great except for the fact that I lost a significant amount of weight and all of my clothes where way too big for me. For a little while I was stuck in my work clothes on a constant basis (which I was slowly starting to hate) and all I wanted from life was jeans and singlets (with scarves and boots and necklaces of course!)

Then I moved into my current occupation, which is in construction and I finally found my calling. I love building and it has strongly influenced who I am now. I dyed my hair and chopped it all off, i mastered the art of natural look makeup, and I found a way to make steel caps look sexy (still working on fluro and construction hats but luckily for me, it is rare when I have to wear those items!)

Now my look is about comfort AND style rather than just style.



I think I have found a pretty good neautral between style and comfort.

Has your occupation influenced your style? Do you have a huge difference between you home and work outfits? What has your style evolution been?

Amy xo

(P.s apologise for the late post today)