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There are two things I believe in 1) Champagne and 2) every era of fashion will eventually come back or influence current trends. Some looks are too cute, fabulous and wearable to let sit in the cupboard after they were all the rage.

Today we have a look at some bygone style eras and show you how to wear the iconic looks today. Dust off your bell bottoms, sweetheart necklines and floral accessories it’s time for a fashion montage. – Bec

The 70’s was one of the GREATEST decades in our modern history. It was the movement era where people really truly started standing up for their rights and the rights of others. Women were liberated in most western countries (this started in the early 60’s), The Vietnam War came to an end (1975) and in its long fight caused much controversy and protest, Margaret Thatcher was elected Prime Minister of England (the first female leader for the country), Richard Nixon resigned due to the ‘Watergate’ scandal & plenty more.

In this time fashion was not only the clothes on your back, It was a statement of who you were and what you believed in! Women started wearing more racy clothes exposing more of themselves than ever before, hippies started wearing clothes that were fashionable AND environmentally cool (hemp, ladies and gentlemen, hemp) and business women started wearing pant-suits that were rivalling their male counterparts. Women had sex appeal and smarts and certainly were able to show that through their threads.

70’s pin up girl, Farrah Fawcett, certainly led the way in revolutionising the way women looked. She helped bring in flippy hair and promoted those sexy flares.

We can never bring the 70’s back but we can copy some of the key looks of the era… I’ve made up two samples of what you can do to replicate sexy women of the 70’s.

70's Casual


Oranges and browns were very ‘in’ in the 70’s so I’ve tried to incorporate that into this set. Make sure if you get flares, in order to make sure they flatter, get them in darker denim and make sure that they are high rise and depending on your leg size, cater the flare to suit. Tie the blouse just above the button to your pants but allow the back to sort of flow out. Clogs, a floppy felt hat and a cute clutch to finish and people will envy your sheek 70’s casual/weekend style!

70's elegance


There are two ways you could approach a more evening/elegant 70’s look. You could go for the stereotypical maxi dress OR you could try more of a girl next door type look. Go for a dress that skims just above the knee (see above) preferably with a floral design of some sort, keep the shoes chunky and accessories light. Style your hair channelling Meryl Streep (very soft but emphasis on the volume).

Peace Out!

Xo Amy