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I loved my purse. It was my little pride and joy for many years growing up.

Out shopping with my gorgeous auntie one day and we came across a sale on purses & wallets at a handbag store, unfortunately I can’t remember which one because I was only a fresh teenager.

We bought matching wallets which were black, compact and had a fabric to them. I used this wallet for many years and loved it to death.

One afternoon at work I went to the toilet and placed my purse on top of the system, I’d rather that then the floor, and I somehow managed to knock it into the toliet as I was flushing it. My goodness did I panic….

Can you imagine sticking your hand in to the toilet to retrieve a soaked fabric purse. YUCK.

I took it to the sink, pulled out all my cards, washed them vigorously with soap and just couldn’t keep the purse and I had to ditch it. The thought of carrying it around after knowing where it had fallen just icked me out too much. Some of my photos of my little cousins were also sadly damaged 😦

So anyway after that I thought well it’s about time for a new purse!

I picked up this one from a handbag store at the Broadway Shopping Centre in Sydney.

It’s definitely one of my favourite purchases ever. It’s lasted so well and I adore it so much, but I was thinking of getting a new one just because I like to spend my money! (look away Mum if you’re reading :))

I’ve been sitting here for the last 40mins browsing the internet for purses but for once I’m actually stuck! I can’t find anything I like, so I’m handing the ideas over to you boys and girls.

Do you have a favourite purse or wallet? Are you a quality kind of person or just go on looks and price?

I’m also thinking of a little coin purse too!

Cait xo