I have accidentally dressed as a frumpy mourner today.

I got on the train to go to work and realised that the red top I meant to put on with my black maxi skirt ended up being a black one because the red one had a weird dot on it and needed to be soaked. Also that the teal cardigan I almost included was too hot so in my haste I opted for my brand new black doily cardigan, which is adorable but a bit too much over all the other black.


You would think by now I would have learnt to either plan an outfit the night before like Amy does or at least keep track of what the hell I am doing as I work myself up into a mad flap before going out the door. I am happy that I am wearing my new deep red flats because they are a welcome pop of colour and really cute.

The only redeeming feature of today’s ensemble is that I am ready should I have to turn into my alter ego and secret super hero identity “stereotypical Italian/ Greek middle-aged lady” at as seconds notice. My super power is the ability to make a soup that cures the flu and love you TO DEATH. Cue evil cackle!!!!!!

So I am thinking colourful thoughts and planning to do better tomorrow.

Make me feel better and tell me about that time you missed the mark due to washing/ weather.