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I love musicals, I LOVE rock musicals so this was an easy choice for me. I know that Amy was not a fan of this film but it was so much fun and so self aware, silly and over the top that I was in love from the first moment. My only problems were  the “love story” characters, they were too earnest and try hard. I could have eaten all of the other characters with a spoon they were so aligned to my taste. Also Catherine Zeta Jones high kicks like a freaking champion.

In my opinion Mary J Blige was perfection! She looked amazing and she sang really well, she also encouraged girls to go into stripping so maybe I’ll do my own moral lessons/ career advice but seriously this is fabulous in every sense of the word:

So here is my Mary J Blige in Rock of Ages inspired outfit –

Holy gold accessories Batman I’m in love!

xox Bec


I’m going to be honest with you folks. I couldn’t stand the movie. I thought that Julianna ‘i’m dating Ryan Seacrest’ Hough was terribly miscast (when was the last time you met a ’21’ year old with crows feet?). I thought that there were too many ballads for a ‘rock’ film. I hated the fact that all the songs sounded the same because they were pre-recorded, dubbed or so worked over with a computer that they lost authenticity (I call it the ‘Glee-Affect’) but worst of all? I hated the fact that I thought I was going to see a cool film only to get to the first song and realise that I have come to some tweeny crapfest that makes me crave the days of musicals such as ‘West Side Story’.

The highlights for me were the strippers. Catherine Zeta Jones legs. Tom Cruise. Alec Baldwin’s stubble. Malin Akerman. Open mouth kisses (only authentic thing in the film!).

I did enjoy some of the fashion so here is my take on a few pieces!

Rock of Ages - Proper

Catherine Zeta Jones’s character was the mayors wife intent on cleaning up the notorious Vegas strip (I think… Honestly, I stopped paying attention at this point). In a particular moment, one of the only times we get to see Catherine in top form, she breaks out in song wearing an excellent pink power suit. Hillary would have been proud so here is my take on it.

Rock of Ages 2

With this outfit, all you would be missing is a perm to really bring back the 80’s. This look is inspired by the many studs AND leather shown throughout the film and the great hairspray/hair-dryer movement.

Rock Of Ages

Peeka boo bras are oh-so-80’s rock. Taking lace and ‘funking’ it up is so daring yet oh so chic! I love having a peekaboo bra. It is so exciting.

To draw to a close, I have to say I am so glad we all have such differing opinions about films, how boring would life be if we didn’t? What do you think of what we have all put together? Did you love the 80’s or was it not your thing? Do you love Tom Cruise wearing eyeliner as much as me?