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I love a good topic of debate. Most recently I asked whether or not hats had a place in modern fashion. Today I’m asking whether or not body suits are practical OR fashionable.

As someone with a few more curves than the average ‘I only consume 800 calories a day’ model, I wonder whether body suits would look fab and just highlight the flab!

I also wonder how toileting goes? I mean, seriously, that will be the day the lock on the toilet door doesn’t work and Ryan Gosling* walks in!

*Okay, maybe that would be *so* bad… So many pick up lines, so little time.

You’re welcome!

Would wedgies be a concern too? I mean, I do a lot of bending (hurr hurr), stretching, lifting and climbing in my job that by the time I was finished they would be so far up my arse I could use them as tooth floss.
Do you wear undies with it? I mean, do you double up or go some weird version of commando?
Would they not encourage cameltoes?
Would they make you boobies look WEIRD? My boobies look weird in one-piece swimmers. Kind of flat and squishy and usually lopsided.

Anyway, all those questions aside; What do you think of these sets? Would you wear a body suit or are you happy to just tuck your shirt in like a normal, non body suit wearing, person!

Body Suits - 2
Bodysuit Style 1