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Happy Tuesday everybody.

Today is a rainy miserable day in Perth today so this post is largely an effort to cheer myself up by talking about an accessory I have recently become obsessed with – Sunglasses.

I know, not terribly exciting but very practical in summer and after getting a very nice pair on sale recently I have discovered a deep and abiding love for those slightly oversized round ones something like this (From ASOS):

I don’t know if I should admit this but a part of the reason I like wearing them is that I can put them on in the morning and have a little nap on the train without having to feel self-conscious about closing my eyes. All of the other reasons I like them has to do with how cool I can pretend to be while wearing them.

As Amy is to communication devices I am to sunglasses though, I know that every day I have with this pair is limited and that one day we will be parted. In fact I have been through so many pairs of sunglasses in my life that until I saw my current flame I never even used to bother looking for ones I liked because statistically I was better off taking my money and throwing it straight in the trash. The fragility and vulnerability of this love affair is why it burns so brightly I think….

 So what are you wearing?