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Anyone who has read a few of our blog posts knows how important accessories are to our approach to fashion and you may have picked up that I can’t resist an opportunity to look at YouTube clips. Which is my way of trying to legitimize the HOURS I have spent looking at clips of people making their own accessories, you see if I write a blog post about it, it was “research” and not “a total waste of time when I should have been doing something much more worthwhile”.

The major advantage of hand-made jewellery is that it is always one of a kind, even if you have got your inspiration from some one else or pop culture it will still have little quirks that make it yours. Another advantage is cost, despite the fact that some DIY methods require a cost outlay to begin with the variety, uniqueness and quality of the pieces help make it money well spent. The final factor I would mention is fun, I had a blast making my own pieces and I am sure you would too.

There are a number of ways you can make your own pieces of jewellery and the results really come down to your level of creativity and skill. I have limited supplies of both but my, albeit limited, successes gives me hope for the future.

How to get started:

Recycle what you already have – I had a lot of jewellery that was languishing due to one minor fault or another.

Because I have large wrists a lot of my bracelets were a bit stretched or I couldn’t wear then because they were tight. So I re-threaded a number of my bracelets to come up with some cute new designs that are comfortable. Given my limited creativity it was a perfect and simple project and the results have encouraged me to take a plunge into the slightly deeper waters of actual jewellery making.

I unfortunately have a habit of losing earrings which means I have some beautiful “strays” that I like too much to part with, I used a few really cute earrings to create some new pendants.

Start from scratch – Depending on your budget there are so many ways you can go with this and literally millions of sites willing to offer advice and the tools to get you started.

I am particularly drawn the cute whimsy of Polymer clay pieces as seen here for example but probably would never have the skill or patience required to recreate my favourite designs.

I like the idea of creating my own pieces around pop culture references (I am a nerd and I’m proud of it), these types of items use prefabricated parts and I think even I could handle the assembly required to make these types of necklaces and bracelets.

If you like hand-made jewellery but don’t think you could do it yourself, sites like Etsy and madeit offer an excellent handmade alternative. Just be careful to shop around as Etsy in particular is host to plenty of resellers and you may be able to get the same “One of a kind” item at a much cheaper price elsewhere.

How to wear it:

Bold choices can help make an outfit go from average to awesome!

Bold accessories

Jewellery choices define and complement your personal style, they are also a sustained celebrity trend.Statement Jewellery

Are you crafty, have you ever made your own jewellery?

Where do you stand on the “statement piece” concept, do take risks with your accessories or do you prefer to play it safe?