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Not to get all bah humbug on you but I’m not a huge lover of festive fashion. Easter is a great chance for me to visit the family in NSW but I’m not religious and I don’t really believe in anything other than a great excuse to get together and eat yummy food and spoil my sisters and nephew with chocolate.

Part of this may come down to the fact that up until quite recently I wouldn’t have had the courage to wear cute little things or anything that indicated I had a personal style. Another part of me resists cliché, I don’t want to wear it just because everyone else is, I want it to mean something to me personally or to be reflective of my favourite things.

Easter is possibly not the most traditional “festival” to celebrate in fashion, at least not in Australia, with Christmas and Halloween probably being more identifiable festivals that influence fashion. Regardless, here are some Easter trends you won’t see me copying:

No easter bonnets; I don’t really wear hats, I know some people love them but the furthest I’ll usually go is a facinator and even that is a Melbourne Cup Lunch only type of thing.

Bunnies don’t appear elsewhere in my wardrobe so I can’t see myself indulging in them at Easter.

Of course this doesn’t mean I would rule out great colours or designs, just that I will temper it with my normal approach to dressing up for a family gathering in Autumn.

So the question is:

What will I be wearing at Easter?

My inspiration for these outfits are the colours of Autumn and also the idea of getting together to celebrate the joys of being with my family, even if it is for just a few days. The weather is probably going to be a little cooler than what I am used to in WA but I love an excuse to wear a cardigan so I’ll be enjoying every minute of it.

How about you, do you like to let the festivities influence your choices of clothing?