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‘Ladies, help! I’m going to a wedding in April that goes from day to evening so it could be both hot and cold but it is indoors so that shouldn’t matter too much. There will be dancing so I have to be able to move. Here’s the thing, I have no money and need to pull something amazing out (and hair ideas and makeup ideas). What can you do for me?’

Another style challenge. I love these!

Now as you are on limited time and budget these are definitely things I’m going to take into consideration today! I think you are going to get some similar responses from us ladies 😉


Don’t be afraid to ask friends if you can borrow a dress or accessories for the day. It’s going to save you a lot of money! I have on occasion purchased something for a specific event which I haven’t ever worn again.. It leads me to either sell it or have it disappear into my cupboard and not see the light of day for months, or even years! EEEKKKK!

Knowing a little of your background and some of the activities you part take in, DANCING, I’m hoping some of your friends have something you could potentially borrow. Being friends I’m sure they would see the situation you are in and be more then willing to help you out.


I wouldn’t spend too much time thinking about a thrifting as an option. It can be so hit or miss and it could end up wasting your time completely, or be the best thing you ever did.

Spend a day visiting a few different second hand stores. Recently my MIL bought a gorgeous Alannah Hill dress for a mere $30, definitely a great find.

Even if you don’t find a dress be on the look out for a clutch or jewellery.

Looking to Buy?

If you are looking to purchase a new dress I’ve tried very hard to find some dresses which *might* be appropriate, unfortunately I’m unsure of the attire that has been requested. So I did what I could!

Surf Stitch.

I found a couple of dresses which might be suitable but sadly I couldn’t see much description of the types of fabrics they use.

Surf Stitch

After creating that set I noticed I picked mostly floral dresses but coming from a surf shop there wasn’t much of a choice under the $50 mark.

I actually prefer the solid black dress but of course it needs to be something you will like too. I definitely think it’s something you can dress up to look fabulous at a wedding, the right accessories will go a long way to making your outfit look amazing.


Style Help 1

Ignore the prices for the other pieces, this is just to get your mind ticking with possibilities. 😀

Gosh – Celebrity Fashion

Found this amazingly gorgeous bird dress on Gosh – Celebrity Fashion’s website. It’s so cute.

Saint Shylo Birds and Bees Dress


Style Help 2

Now after doing these sets I remembered you needed appropriate footwear to dance, but I’m sure you know exactly what you are comfortable in!

You definitely know of ASOS and Modcloth! ASOS is such a great website to find gorgeous dresses on the cheap and Modcloth are amazing for that vintage style. but unfortunately I don’t think you have enough time to consider having something shipped from overseas.

Don’t be afraid of using a dress you already own! A lot of people have the mentality of they need to purchase something new to wear to a wedding but I don’t see why you should! If you have an appropriate dress for the requested attire I say go for it! Use the money you would have spent on a new dress to grab some gorgeous accessories from places like Diva, Colette and Lovisa.

Hair Ideas

All of these will be pretty self explanatory!



Hair 2


Hair 3

Makeup Ideas

The classic red lip is definitely my pick to match with a sexy vintage hairstyle.

Red Lipstick


Dramatic Makeup


Neutral Makeup

I’m hoping all of this gave you some more ideas on how to approach this matter with a little more ease.

Ask your friends, visit op-shops or buy cheap and accessorise like a queen!

Caitlyn xoxo