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As some of you may have picked up, I’m a bit of a scarf whore! I own a gazillion of them. They come in a shapes, sizes and styles and can easily be folder special ways to suit whatever outfit you may be wearing.

If I had the time I would should you a few techniques on how to tie a scarf but it is easier to check out this fabulous website: http://www.scarves.net/how-to-tie-a-scarf/ for a few ideas.

Mean time, I’ll show you how to style 3 different types that will keep you warm but looking SCHWEET!

Snood Styling

Snood Styling by littlemisspopit featuring Sartore ankle booties

The Snood: No, it isn’t a character from Dr Who, it’s a style of scarf the is sure to keep you super warm during winter! It is like a never ending knot, just plop it on with any old outfit and ladies and gentlemen, you’re warm AND stylish! 😉


Cat On The Mind!


The Handkerchief (may not be the proper term): I designed this set with the gorgeous Cat on the mind. It is a bit girly for me but just another example of how to style a scarf for winter!!!



KISS! by littlemisspopit featuring necklaces

KISS! At the end of the day, keeping it simple is the key! Simple jeans and shirt, simple blazer (okay, this is an Alexander McQueen valued at almost $2000, so, not that simple) and you’re off!


Who is guilty or foregoing their moisturising routine?

I know I am, especially in winter! Who the hell wants to apply cold moisturiser in the middle of a cold, wet, rainy day?

However, in saying that, it is so important that you do keep up your routine. Skin dries out quicker during winter, so it is important to keep your routine going steady. I find a quick moisturising session just before I jump into a warm bed is the best way, you’re only cold for a second or two! Moisturise your WHOLE body (face, arms, décolletage, stomach, hips, buttocks, thighs, calves, feet!) and you will find when summer comes around you’ll find your as silky smooth as last summer.

I use:

Lovely Jubblies for my Décolletage: This cream is amazing! It makes my skin silky smooth, evens out my stretch marks and keeps the girls sweet and perky!


Bio Oil: Speaks for itself! Amazing! Miracles are made with this oil. Makes my skin silky smooth while helping to fade scars and cellulite!


Nivea: and for the rest of me, good old fashioned Nivea does the job! Not to oily this is perfect and leaves you without that greasy feeling!

So now that I have shared my winter essentials, tell us what you think! What are you winter must haves?