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Yes another Style Challenge has been presented to us and once again I’m going to split the posts up because I don’t want to overload our readers.

Our good friend Ry wrote to us asking for a bit of help with outfits to wear to work:

Hi girls!

My challenge to you is to design a few different outfits I could wear to work. As a journalist it’s very hard to find outfits that walk the fine line between professional and casual. As I balance my time between covering council issues and sport, I need to look professional but also be comfortable. Added to that is an inherent dislike of heels at work (I mean honestly, who can wear heels on a construction site?) and a need to have closed-in shoes for many of my jobs. So I’m looking for a professional, yet funky, range of outfits for work. My budget would be under $150 per outfit.

My size is about 18/20 for most clothes and about a seven and a half in shoes.

Hope you can help!


Amy’s Thoughts

Hi Ry,

Thanks so much for writing into us. One thing we pride ourselves on here is that we can help the every-day woman look smart and feel sexy while being comfortable and practical!

I understand your pain of having to wear enclosed shoes that are appropriate as I too work in an industry that requires safe foot wear. I don’t like spending too much $$$ on footwear for work and find that hunting a decent deal at Target or Kmart is the way to go. Kmart have some great ballet flats that are sweet and cheap (not great on quality but if you have 7 pairs at $12 a pop, it certainly expands your choices) and Target has some great quality and inexpensive shoes too. I recently spent $40 on a pair of boots that I just adore. I can’t stop wearing them.

The first things I recommend you do to have a comfy yet professional wardrobe is buy a blazer. If you chuck a blazer over anything it suddenly looks corporate! ‘City Chic’ has some superb options and as someone who has met you and seen you body shape I highly recommend a blazer with a draped front. Here is an example for the bitching price of $79.95

Not only will this jacket flatter your figure, it is lightweight making it super practical for those of us who move around a lot. :)! If you want to spice it up a little brooches have made a big come back and you can usually find some cheap but chic versions at Diva or Lovisa.

Secondly, you need to buy a sexy pair of work pants and decide if you are a skirt person or not. Having the advantage of having met you, I would suggest a well fitted pencil skirt (with some spanx to flatter your curves)

Pants for your particular shape are hard but necessary for your position within the workforce. I would suggest a traditional black pair of pants that you don’t spend too much dough on. I ADORE Target pants, once again, for they are cheap but quality!!! Go for a simple bootleg that will flatter your bum and thighs.
Still on the boring pieces, every wardrobe needs a plain white shirt. If you are anything like me (which I think you are) you will hate the more fitted/structured shirts so I would suggest more of a blouse style for you. This is definitely an investment piece but here are a few I’ve found that aren’t to exy.

ASOS Curve $45.42

My Size $49.95
These shirts are perfect and simple. Add some funky jewellery and you’re suddenly rocking a modern outfit. Best part about having a classic white shirt? THEY NEVER GO OUT OF FASHION! EVER! EVER! I have a white shirt from 10 years ago that if I hadn’t worn to DEATH would still be perfectly fashionable.

Now to the fun stuff!!!
I KNOW that you adore purple so i’ve done a PURPLE board for you!

ASOS Curve $56.77
Classic and FLAWLESS this dress can be dressed up and dressed down! For a work approach add your blazer and some long dangly necklaces. Some ballet flats or some ankle boots would suit this perfectly!

ASOS Curve $35.68
I know this is more lilac than the deep purple you enjoy so much but the design of this shirt is super fashionably NOW. Wear with your skirt for some 60’s inspiration OR your pants and some boots. Don’t forget to add some impressive jewellery (I would suggest something impressive and BIG).

ASOS Curve $56.77
This dress is cute and casual. Perfect for a work day in winter adding some stockings and ankle boots.

City Chic $69.95
Sexy! Again great for the pants and skirt options depending on what sort of work day you are having!

Here are some inspiration boards for you as well but you always know how to contact me and I am certainly (if anything, BEGGING) always ready for a shopping day!


This is just for inspiration however the colours and style are perfect for you. I know you have a shorter stature I I highly recommend getting pants altered rather than the good ol’ fashion fold up. If you want to alter them yourself there are actually iron on patches that can do this for you.

Purple Inspiration

Brilliant combination of colour and simplicity. The boots are enclose and great for winter!!!

Ry, I sincerely hope we have helped you today and not complicated it any further. If you want, in the future, the NSW based girls WOULD BE MORE THAN HAPPY to take you on a shopping trip and advise as we go!

Has anyone got any more suggestions for Ry? What is your colour base? What complications do you have with fashion within your workplace?

Amy xo